We also carefully and meticulously source a very wide and varied range of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery which we feel compliments our handmade items.

Established in 1996 at Camden Market, Medusa is a small and friendly family run business with a passion for handmade bespoke contemporary silver jewellery. You can usually find us at and at many shows and festivals around the UK including Glastonbury, Car Fest North & South, Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival, Cropredy, Cambridge Folk Festival and many many more. Please contact us or email us on sales@medusasilverjewellery.co.uk for a full list of our 2018 events.

Our speciality is in highly polished bespoke designs which we hand make in our own workshop, accompanied by an outstanding collection of handmade Baltic Amber jewellery beautifully designed by Roman our jeweller in Poland.

A great deal of thought, planning and time is taken in our designs and we like to incorporate many natural elements in our jewellery through colour, texture and an organic look and feel, which we love. Included in many of our items of jewellery are Semi-Precious Gemstones, Baltic Amber and Freshwater Pearls.

A unique point about our jewellery is that although we can replicate items, no two pieces will be the same as it is made entirely by hand and so each piece we and our colleagues make has something about it to make it exceptional to you.

All of our handmade and carefully selected jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver.


If we have been lucky enough to meet you at one of our many events, and you don't see what you were interested in on the website, please contact us at sales@medusasilverjewellery.co.uk and we will be happy to help!